Welcome to ACCENTS

The Association of Computer, Communication and Education for National Triumph Social and Welfare Society (ACCENTS) is a registered non-profitable organization for engineers and researchers in the field of computer science, electronics and electrical engineering.

Our main aim is to extend help in the field of education to those students who belong to weaker section of society, specially girls. Besides this ACCENTS also encourage in the activities of research and developments.

The ACCENTS members include researchers, directors, professors, deans, engineers, scientist, software developers, managers and students from different universities, colleges, research laboratory and industry. The ACCENTS also welcomes all the engineering and technical corporate organizations, universities, colleges and societies to join us to exchange information and ideas. Our main service is to promote scientific and educational activities towards the advancement of common man's life by improving the theory and practice of computer science, electronics and electrical engineering. As a catalyst ACCENTS sponsors and organizes conferences, workshops, seminars and awareness programs by providing the technical and other supports to improve research, development activities and publishing high quality peer reviewed scientific international journals in different disciplines.

Our Goal

The primary goal of this society is to effectively coordinate the activities of researchers. Additionally, the society is dedicated to nurturing young talents and encouraging their involvement in advanced research across various fields. Furthermore, it prioritizes the promotion of innovative ideas with the potential to benefit the humanities. The society plays a crucial role in fostering collaboration and facilitating knowledge exchange among engineers and scientists through the organization of conferences. Moreover, it contributes to the dissemination of valuable research by publishing peer-reviewed research journals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the field of technology by publishing peer-reviewed technical journals that showcase the latest research and developments. As a non-profit publisher, we are committed to promoting open access and making scientific knowledge freely available to all. Our goal is to bridge the gap between academia and industry, and to support the next generation of scientists, engineers, and technology professionals as they work to shape the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading source of cutting-edge knowledge and research in the technical field, fostering innovation and advancing the state-of-the-art through the dissemination of high-quality scholarly work. We aim to promote collaboration and cross-disciplinary exchange, and to be a trusted resource for researchers, practitioners, and students alike.